About Us


At Speedir, Inc., we strive to provide top-of-the-line infrared imaging solutions through our state-of-the-art thermal cameras. From automotive electronics to fleet safety services, our products offer uncompromised visibility across a diversity of active environments. This technology affords you a wide range of camera applications, from driving safety to search and rescue and emergency vehicles. In addition, Speedir offers client-specific infrared solutions through customizable thermal imaging and artificial intelligence options.

Our three current models - the Night Owl, the Night Owl Plus with AI, and the Prowler Plus with AI - offer a wealth of unique features for driving safety. Including thermal imaging and AI capabilities, our distinctive technology can assist in night time driving and fleet safety. Through our customization services, you also have the ability to develop infrared solutions that work best for your fleet. With decades of development under our belt, and sturdy, proprietary tech, our infrared systems can aid efficiency in automotive industry.

Speedir’s advanced technology

Our extensive research and development experience gives us the upper hand in producing high quality, specially crafted products.

- 18+ years of research and development.

- Independent study and manufacture of product’s core components.

- Integration of Optical-Mechanical-Electrical engineering and industrial design.

- Total development of proprietary tech from base components to overall system.

Speedir’s world-class service

- As a international infrared imaging supplier, we are focused on providing top tier, user-oriented services in addition to unmatched thermal automotive products.

- Long-term vehicle parts distributor.

- 18+ years of automotive industry experience.

- Optimized cost for top tier tech.

- Customizable client-focused thermal and AI technology options for mass vehicle manufacturers.