Frozen Image under a second:
When the internal cache is full the image will freeze for a split second to reset. It is perfectly normal and this is how thermal sensors function.
Thermal camera clicking
Shutter operating properly.
Dithering image
Make sure the brackets and the camera are tight and secure.
Double Image
Power off and on and check to make sure the image is not frozen and clicking sound comes from the thermal imager. If image is frozen or a “clicking” sound never occurs please contact your authorized dealer.
Video Signal Loss
Please make sure the camera is not powered through the screen's power output. Since the processor has sensitive electronics it needs to be powered directly from the vehicle. Check and make sure that all cables are connected properly.  
False detection
Our AI detection module has over 1 million saved heat signatures of pedestrians and animals. AI unit may detect human or animal shaped objects such as treetops and fire hydrants when they are within a life form temperature range. This may happen during the day or after sunset when these objects have absorbed the heat from sunlight.
Non-video image

1) Make sure that power cables are connected properly;

2) Make sure that video cables are connected properly;

Dim image
Check and make sure that video cables are connected properly