What is artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the use of computer software to achieve tasks that computers previously could not perform, such as decision-making, visual processing, vocal recognition, and more. AI software uses algorithms to think and learn, giving machines the capacity to solve problems with near-human-like judgment. This type of tech is revolutionary for learning-based, trial-and-error, or identification tasks that might normally require a person. With high capacity memory drives and high speed processor prices coming down in recent years, now this technology is more accessible for everyone.

What applications are available with AI?

Artificial intelligence is useful in just about any industry. All kinds of sensors including thermal imagers provide relevant data to AI systems, which then exercise tasks based on that information. For example, if a IR camera notices an animal in the road, the accompanying AI software may engage the brakes on a vehicle. While this tech is abundant in self-driving cars, smart homes, and self-landing rockets, Speedir's goal is it to make it available for driving safety at much affordable prices for everyone.

How Speedir's AI detection works

We traveled all over the world for years and recorded thermal signatures of pedestrians and wildlife on the road. Now Speedir AI module has a database of over 1 million images.

Speedir thermal driving camera will translate heat signatures into viewable video images and feed those images to the AI module. Speedir's high speed processor will scan those images 13 times every second! When they match an image in the database you will see it highlighted on the screen and receive an audible alert. All this happens in a split-second, way before the hazards enter your headlights. Speedir thermal driving cameras will increase your night time driving safety dramatically.

Industries that can greatly benefit from the use of our AI software includes, but is not limited to:



Law Enforcement / Emergency Vehicles

Aviation / Aerospace

Security / Surveillance

Heavy Industry



Customizable options:

At Speedir, our team dedicates itself to providing quality custom AI software for any industry you may serve. Artificial intelligence is beneficial to just about any workplace or product by increasing efficiency and decreasing overhead. We can customize our thermal detection and alerts to your specific needs. To inquire about custom AI applications specific to your business, you can reach us at

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