Thermal imaging platform




What is infrared/thermal imaging?

Infrared/thermal imaging - also known as thermography - is the use of radiation technology to translate heat signatures into images. This tech differs from standard cameras by sensing an object’s heat rather than picking up on visible light. Humans, animals, and even machines create their own heat, while many other objects discharge warmth after absorbing sunlight. Because infrared cameras rely on temperature rather than light, the range of perception is broader; to sum it up, you can see more with thermal imaging.

Applications for thermal imaging cameras

Security and surveillance (Awareness of intruders on your property, whether it’s day or nighttime)

- Safe driving aid (Full driving visibility in harsh weather, low-light, or otherwise obscured environments)

- Firefighting (View energy leakage, heat sources, and unsafe entrances)

- Law enforcement (View suspects from long distances or in low-visibility environments)

- Industry automation and inspection (Learn which machine components may be overheating or not working properly)

- Insulation survey (locate bad insulation, pinpoint leaks)

- Customizable applications (Other specific uses beneficial to your company needs)



Clients will appreciate Speedir’s top tier infrared systems for its ability to assist in varied applications. Cameras pick up on pedestrians, animals, other vehicles, and obstacles in low-light, long-distance, or obscured environments.

Infrared products are also beneficial to industries like surveillance, firefighting, law enforcement, and factory automation and inspection, to name a few. These heat-seeking systems can even aid in insulation survey by viewing water or energy leakage.

 Customizable Options

As top-of-the-line thermal imaging suppliers, we at Speedir also provide client-focused customizable infrared solutions to mass production industries. Car manufacturers, securities firms, and even government agencies among other organizations will appreciate our ability to match their unique application needs with customized thermal camera technology. This means that whether you manufacture tech or provide surveillance services, there’s a thermal efficiency solution for you.

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