Thermal Technology

Advanced Driving Assistant System

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared imaging translates a subject’s thermal footprint into pictures or video. Using this science, thermal cameras can detect subject matter with stunning clarity from long-range distances and in low-light environments. That said, infrared imaging is among the top three most widely used night visibility technologies in the world.

With its laundry list of benefits, thermal cameras can be applied to a wealth of industries, including firefighting and rescue, law enforcement, industry automation and inspection, surveillance and security, smart homes, and even consumer electronics, among others.

Speedir’s thermal cameras are particularly adept at handling safe driving situations. By relying on the thermal rather than visible road image, Speedir cameras can assist one in navigating obscured, low-light, high-light, or even pitch black active environments. Our systems can even cut through the glare of oncoming traffic to provide you with an unobstructed and objective view of the road ahead.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence software equipped into Speedir systems provides an additional layer of identification that many cameras cannot. AI software scans the camera’s field of vision whilst simultaneously referencing thousands of stored images. These images can be anything from people to animals to vehicles, with customization capabilities easily achievable.

Speedir’s AI equipped infrared cameras are especially useful for driving safety. With our unique systems, you can tackle driving situations in a variety of difficult settings, including harsh weather and nighttime environments. Our cameras attach to your car and act as a second pair of eyes, identifying potential threats on the road for you. Not only can you view the display, but AI can relay what it sees in real time.