Hummer H1 Thermal Night Vision kit with Visible Camera and Blackout lights

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Hummer H1 Thermal Night Vision kit with Visible Camera and Blackout lights

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  • Hummer H1 Thermal Night Vision kit with Visible Camera and Blackout lights
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  • Hummer H1 Thermal Night Vision kit with Visible Camera and Blackout lights
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Hummer H1 Thermal Night Vision kit with Visible Camera and Blackout lights

MSRP: $3,999.00
(You save $500.00 )
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Introducing the latest innovation from Speedir Thermal Night Vision – our cutting-edge thermal imager tailored for Hummer H1 trucks. This exceptional device not only replaces blackout lights but also combines a thermal imager with a starlight night vision visible light camera, all while retaining the blackout driving light function that also illuminates the visible light camera for night vision!
Thermal only model click here

The Speedir Night Vision System features dual channels, one of which includes a wide-angle 140-degree front bumper camera with starlight night vision capabilities. This integration offers the best of both worlds!
Thermal night vision operates seamlessly without the need for external lighting, effectively translating heat signatures into clear images. Starlight night vision, on the other hand, enhances visible light for improved visibility in low-light conditions. The 37-degree thermal zoom imager can detect heat signatures from a remarkable distance of up to 3000 feet, while the 140-degree visible light camera comprehensively covers nearby surroundings and your Hummer front bumper.

With Speedir's innovative system, you can enjoy the advantages of two distinct night vision technologies. Whether in complete darkness or dimly lit environments, our solution offers unmatched visibility and detection capabilities for your Hummer H1.

Unlock three essential functions for your Hummer H1 truck: thermal imager, starlight night vision front camera, and blackout lights.

Weatherproof marine grade housing.

Thermal Sensor Resolution: 400x300p. Output Resolution 720x480p. Visual angle: Zoom 37 degrees.

Upgraded 2023 model thermal imager now available with user-replaceable lens! 

Thermal night vision technology requires no light to function. Translates heat signatures into images.

This thermal night vision kit includes everything out of the box to get started

Screen, wiring, and mounting hardware is included.

Waterproof design! This remarkable tool enables you to see pedestrians, animals, and vehicles that are otherwise invisible in normal light conditions. It cuts through fog, smoke, and dust, offering a long detection range of up to 3,000 feet beyond the reach of standard headlight beams.

This remarkable system is designed to fit both military and civilian Humvee models, including but not limited to the following Military Humvee® Models with US Government Designation: M966, M998, M1025, M1035, M1043, M1045, M1097, M1026, M1036, M1038, M1042, M1044, and M1046. Additionally, it can replace blackout lights on other military trucks, including M900 series, M35A2 and M35A3 variants.

With its versatility and adaptability, the Speedir Night Vision System is a valuable addition to a wide range of military and tactical vehicles, enhancing visibility and detection capabilities in various operational scenarios.

Thermal Imager:

Speedir’s unique infrared imaging cameras use thermal energy and heat signatures to create a viewable, camera-like display. As heat sensors, these systems require no visible light, allowing you to view subject matter through dust, darkness, and even vegetation. When equipped to vehicles, Speedir’s appliances aid your driving safety by effortlessly perceiving hard-to-see roadway threats. View animals, pedestrians, and other vehicles with ease, in the dead of night or the thick of a dust storm!




Thermal Imager Specs:

Dimension: 2.3" X 1.5" X 1.4"

Rated Voltage: DC 12V

Power Consumption: 9w

Output resolution: HD 768x576p @25hz

Visual Angle: 37° x 28°

Sensor Resolution: 400x300

Frame Frequency: 25hz

Spatial Resolution: 1.3 mrad

Operating Temperature: -40°F to 158°F

Waterproof Rate: IP68

Heat Detection: 3000ft +

Humvee®, HMMWV®, and Hummer® are registered trademarks of General Motors and A.M. General LLC®, respectively. Speedir Thermal Night Vision is an independent entity and is not associated with A.M. General® or General Motors®



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