Drive Safer With AI (Articifial Intelligence) Cameras

Posted by Speedir Thermal Vision on 18th Jun 2020

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as much as 94 percent of all traffic accidents are due, in one form or another, to human error. To bring down this alarming statistic … read more

​Why Thermal Cameras are so Expensive

Posted by Speedir Thermal Vision on 16th Jun 2020

Written by Michaela JacksonThermal technology, particularly thermal cameras, is a relatively new and advanced technology. It is based on infrared radiation, a type of light that the human naked eye c … read more

Tips for Choosing The Best Thermal Camera

Posted by Speedir Thermal Vision on 22nd May 2020

5 Tips to Find the Best Thermal Camera for Your Vehicle A high-quality thermal imaging camera can be a very useful addition to your technology toolkit. Originally designed by the United States mili … read more