Drive Safer With AI (Articifial Intelligence) Cameras

Posted by Speedir Thermal Vision on 18th Jun 2020

Updated March 2023

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as much as 94 percent of all traffic accidents are due, in one form or another, to human error. To bring down this alarming statistic and to prevent traffic-related injuries and save lives, it's important to reduce the number of opportunities for human error. One crucial and indispensable tool to help us accomplish exactly this is AI.

It's not difficult to see how Artificial Intelligence helps you drive safer. Reaction time when dealing with obstacles is not a problem for computers. Computers rarely, if ever, make mistakes, nor do they become tired like humans do. These advantages and the increased safety they would entail for drivers are a major part of the promise and attraction of self-driving cars.

Though self-driving cars have captured the popular imagination in recent years, they are not the only way in which AI can be used to improve driver accuracy and help you drive safer. Since the widespread use of self-driving cars is still some time away, other technologies, like AI fleet dash cameras, can still be extremely useful in decreasing the frequency of accidents.

Here is a brief discussion of the technologies and features that allow fleet dash cams to keep you safe while on the road and a few AI camera models that all conscientious drivers owe it to themselves to check out.

Reducing Distracted Driving With AI

Among the many types of human errors that can sometimes lead to tragedy and devastation on the road, one of the most insidious and common is driving while distracted. There are a number of reasons why a driver might be distracted. They might be tired, intoxicated, or might simply not have their eyes appropriately fixed on the road. But even for drivers who do everything right, driving at night — especially in rural areas where roads are sometimes poorly lit — can present uniquely difficult challenges.

AI cameras are an invaluable tool for dealing with such challenges. An AI dashcam like the Speedir Night Owl comes equipped with thermal imaging technology that can detect, pedestrians, bicyclists, and animals of all kinds. With its high-definition display, you'll be able to clearly see anything with a heat signature, no matter how dark it is outside or how poor standard visibility becomes for any reason. The camera can detect all of these things from up to 3,000 feet away, giving you plenty of time to react and avoid hitting them.

Especially useful for drivers wary of becoming distracted while out on the road at night is the Speedir Night Owl Plus. This camera has all of the features of the standard Night Owl, plus a built-in AI detector that will give you clear audio and visual warnings of any object detected once you are 400 feet away from it.

Either of these two devices has the ability to bring objects to your attention in ways you can't miss or ignore. They are powerful ways to help do away with the problem of distracted driving.

Protect Your Drivers With AI Cameras

Of course, AI dashboard cameras are useful devices for any individual driver who is concerned about their safety. Still, these cameras are absolutely vital to companies who employ fleets of drivers as part of their operations. Whether you run a trucking firm tasked with getting your drivers to transport important goods or a limousine or taxi service meant to bring clients to where they need to be, your drivers will need to stay safe on the road.

Trucking companies, in particular, know that drivers often need to go out on long hauls. They may need to drive hundreds or even thousands of miles from one location to another, usually under a strict schedule. These long and arduous journeys can be especially taxing and will do a number on any driver's ability to pay attention. Meeting transportation deadlines also frequently requires drivers to go out on the road at night.

For these reasons, a thermal AI camera should be an essential part of your drivers' toolkits. Such cameras can be one extra measure designed to keep your drivers safe while driving and alert to what's in front of them.

Transporting Passengers on Fixed Routes With AI

The spread of COVID-19 presents limousine or taxi drivers with even more difficulties than they would usually have to face. Throughout a working day, they are sure to come into contact with many clients, any of whom may be infected with the virus. To keep drivers safe and minimize their chances of catching the infection, a fleet dashcam with more than just the standard thermal detection or night vision AI features is called for.

Thankfully, Speedir has just such a thing on offer. Enter the Thermal Mass Fever Screening System. This advanced fever screening system uses AI to quickly, accurately, and easily scan the skin temperatures of any passengers at the loading stations before entering any of your drivers' vehicles. Once drivers know the body temperatures of their prospective passengers, they can ascertain whether those passengers are likely to have COVID-19 and can take appropriate steps to protect themselves.

This device can be used in conjunction with any other AI thermal camera. After all, even if a driver takes a customer through a fixed and familiar route, unexpected things can always spring up on the road, and it pays to be prepared.

With their bases properly covered, your drivers will stay aware of obstacles on the road while they drive under challenging conditions, and they will also know a little more about the people who happen to be along with them for the ride.

Prevent Collisions Before They Occur With AI Cameras

If you come away from here with an understanding of one and only one thing about AI in cars today, it should be that AI helps you drive safer. When it's dark outside, when conditions are foggy, when you're driving through smoke, a sandstorm, or any other kind of extreme or unusual weather, a thermal AI camera can replace your eyes when they become unreliable.

One of Speedir's most impressive products for preventing accidents and increasing overall driver safety is the Prowler Plus Thermal Camera. This camera can detect objects with heat signatures from up to 3,000 feet away, just like the Night Owl and Night Owl Plus. Like the Night Owl Plus, it also gives audible warnings to drivers of oncoming objects. However, this audible warning comes on when you're up to 600 feet away from an object, giving you maximal time to react and stay safe on the road. The Prowler Plus gives you an overall perception of the road — whether you're on a neatly paved highway or have gone totally off-road — that is second to none.

The road can be an unpredictable place. Sometimes, animals or even people can seemingly jump out of nowhere. But often enough, hitting a pedestrian, bicyclist, or stray deer while driving under poor visibility is an entirely preventable tragedy.

A thermal camera with AI technology can be just the right means of prevention. To make sure that all parties stay safe — drivers as well as outside pedestrians or wildlife — buy a thermal camera now.