Night Owl Plus Infrared Deer Detector for Car

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Night Owl Plus Infrared Deer Detector for Car

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  • Night Owl Plus Infrared Deer Detector for Car
  • Night Owl Plus Infrared Deer Detector for Car
  • Night Owl Plus Infrared Deer Detector for Car

Night Owl Plus Infrared Deer Detector for Car

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Night Owl™ Plus Vehicle Thermal Night Vision Camera with AI+ 

Retired product.

New HD Night Owl! Click here

Night Owl™ Plus Thermal driving Camera with Artificial Intelligence

A truly smart thermal car camera should make staying safe easier. That’s why the Night Owl combines an AI infrared system with an advanced thermal car camera, bringing you the best in software and hardware technology so you can see people and wildlife coming regardless of the driving conditions you’re dealing with.

The thermal technology behind Speedir’s smart IR dash cams was once only available to the military, but its potential for saving lives goes well beyond the battlefield. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 38,700 crashes occur in the fog every year, resulting in the deaths of over 600 people and the injuries of 16,300 more. You can help reduce this number and protect yourself by arming yourself with technology that can help you see even when road conditions make it difficult to drive.

Our advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is composed of advanced temperature reading and imaging technology that sees and at alerts you to people and wildlife so you have time to react to signals you may have otherwise missed in the dark in bad weather. More than a simple deer detector for cars, our AI car cam will be your eyes so you can avoid crashes and all the money that comes from getting damages repaired.

When you invest in smart thermal dash cam, you’ll benefit from long range sensors that can go up to 3,000 feet beyond your headlights and artificial intelligence that will alert you of objects up to 400 feet away.  

Night Owl™ Plus Technology

  • This car night vision system can detect pedestrian and wildlife before your headlights to prevent collision
  • Will detect pedestrian, deer, moose, elk, kangaroo and other large wildlife.
  • See through fog, smoke, dust.
  • Long Detection: IR sensor can detect heat signatures up to 3000ft beyond the scope of the headlight beam.
  • Artificial intelligence will identify the object and give a visual and audible warning up to 400ft.
  • High definition thermal night vision with 384x288 thermal sensor and 720x480p output resolution.
  • Standard video connector can connect to any automotive screen, HUD or video input.
  • Great for any vehicle driving at night including, RV's, semi-trucks, buses to prevent wildlife collisions.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a must have for fleet safety to prevent costly accidents
  • Now with WiFi! The New Speedir AI module is now WiFi capable. Download our IOS "Speedir Thermal" app and connect your Apple device for screening and recording wirelessly. Android app coming soon!
Speedir Wifi module
Thermal Camera +

Speedir’s unique thermal night vision cameras use thermal energy and IR signatures to create a viewable, camera-like display. As heat sensors, these systems require no visible light, allowing you to view the subject matter through dust, fog, darkness, and even vegetation. When equipped to vehicles, Speedir’s appliances aid your driving safety by effortlessly perceiving hard-to-see roadway threats. View wildlife, pedestrians, and other vehicles with ease, in the dead of night or the thick of a dust storm!

  • Dimension: 3.0" X 2.5" X 2.25"
  • Rated Voltage: DC 9V-32V
  • Power Consumption: 9w
  • Output resolution: HD 720x480p @60hz
  • Visual Angle: 27° x 18°
  • Sensor Resolution: 384x288
  • Frame Frequency: 60hz
  • Spatial Resolution: 1.3 mrad
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 158°F
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Heat Detection: 3000ft +
  • AI Alert: Up to 400ft
Artificial intelligence (AI)+

Artificial intelligence bulks up your driving defenses when accompanied by Speedir’s top-of-the-line thermal cameras. Our custom AI software reads the provided infrared image, detects potential threats, and informs you via an audible alert system. This way, you’ll be well aware of pedestrians, and wildlife before they even enter your headlights. As a bonus, our software undergoes regular updates, assuring that your road perception will always be at full capacity.

Wildlife collision estimated costs +

Save lives, save money with Speedir. FHWA estimates that there are between one and two million collisions between vehicles and large animals in the United States every year.

Summary of estimated costs of a wildlife vehicle collusion for a deer, elk, and moose (source:


Description Deer Elk Moose
Vehicle repair cost per collision $1,840 $3,000 $4,000
Human injuries per collision $2,702 $5,403 $10,807
Human fatalities per collision $1,671 $6,683 $13,366
Towing, accident attendance and investigation $125 $375 $500
Monetary value animal per collision $2,000 $3,000 $2,000
Carcass removal and disposal per collision $50 $100 $100
Total $8,388 $18,561 $30,773
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What Is Thermal Imaging?

Night driving aid with IR (Full driving visibility in harsh weather, low-light, or otherwise obscured environments) View More

World-Class Service

Optimized cost for top auto tech. Customizable client-focused options for mass manufacturers. Long-term distributor. View More

Advanced Technology

Independent study and manufacture of IR components. 18+ years of research and development.View More

Pre-sales consulting

Provide users with custom advice for specific driving conditions

Sales support

Professionals guide the whole project to ensure driving safety

After-sales training

To provide calibration and fleet support


Limited 2 years warranty


limited 2 year

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Thermal imaging

    Posted by George on 21st Sep 2022

    Attached a handle and being used in a helicopter (sheriff). Works great!! Thanks

  • 5
    Changes the way I drive

    Posted by Troy on 2nd Aug 2021

    I was very excited to receive and to install the night owl plus. I had no idea how amazing this product was going to be. Very easy to install and works better than I could have imagined.

  • 5
    Love Love Love our SpeedIR camera(s)

    Posted by Ben Hedrick (Hedrick Speedsports) on 24th May 2021

    We are installing our 3rd SpeedIR camera and love them even more! What a great tool for safety and offroad fun! Driving at night is so much more fun now! Cool Beans!

  • 5
    So freakin' cool!!!!

    Posted by Hedrick Speedsports on 11th Feb 2021

    So we love this SpeedIR camera!!! Great product and a must for extended night travels. Thank you SpeedIR for your support!

    Regards, Ben Hedrick
    Hedrick Speedsports

  • 5
    Great technology

    Posted by James P. on 31st Jan 2020

    It detects pedestrians before my lights. Detects dogs too. I did not experience wildlife yet but should detect anything dog size or bigger no problem. I am glad Thermal technology is becoming more available for vehicle safety.