Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety

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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety

  • Speedir driver fatigue monitor system
  • Speedir driver fatigue monitor
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Speedir thermal driver fatigue monitor system
  • Speedir driver fatigue monitor safe driving aid
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety
  • Speedir driver fatigue monitor
  • Speedir driver fatigue monitor
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for Teen and Fleet Driver Safety

MSRP: $249.00
(You save $50.00 )
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  • Uses advanced AI algorithms to detect drowsy or distracted driving by tracking eye movements and head position and immediately giving an audible alert when it detects using a cell phone, falling asleep while driving or any other driver distraction
  • Usable and effective day or night - thanks to its state-of-the-art infrared technology, Speedir’s DMS is just as effective and accurate during the night as it is during the day, and is unaffected by reflective light or any type of glasses the driver may be wearing
  • Plug-n-play installation for any vehicle (standard USB)
  • Compact but powerful - sleek, functional, minimal design to fit with any vehicle
  • Privacy protected. No internet or cloud connection needed - does not record or transmit data, all tech is built-in and ready to go
  • Must-have for anyone driving long hours: Trucks, Buses, Semi fleets, independent semi owners, any heavy transport vehicles, and RV or camper drivers 
  • Keep teen drivers safe! 

Fantastic device to keep your teen driver safe! Detects and alerts immediately if the driver is distracted. The alarm will be triggered if:

Using a cell phone

Not keeping the eyes on the road

Fiddling with the stereo

Fatigued, drowsy driving.

Speedir driver monitoring system will not only keep your teen driver safe, but also it is a great training tool for learning and repeating safe driving habits. 

SEMA 2021 Award Winner

    • “Many accidents on the roads are the result of people who, due to their high level of fatigue, cannot react in an ideal way to an event—increasing the chances of being involved in an accident. I believe that this is a product that is not only interesting for our region but a solution that should be a requirement by law, at least for the heavy transport sector; a sector that is the most prone to fatigue due to many hours behind the wheel and that if accidents occur, most of them are fatal.” - Edmundo Pazetti, Sobre Ruedas, 2021 SEMA judge (source)
    • “We consider the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System to be a must in all vehicles as it can potentially reduce numerous accidents caused by drowsy drivers.” - Henry Pierini, AutoZulia International, 2021 SEMA judge (source)

Sema 2021 speedir award winner


Drowsy driving and distracted driving are two of the biggest threats to driver safety today. In today’s information- and technology-driven world, where it is often expected of us to be able to function at peak capacity even when we are physically and mentally exhausted, drowsy driving and distracted driving accidents are a growing problem, especially within the US. From this issue, Speedir saw an opportunity to help improve safety on the road with their new drowsy driving prevention technology - the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System.

The SEMA award-winning Driver Fatigue Monitoring System (DMS) from Speedir offers drivers of all kinds a new level of drowsy driving prevention like never before. Using innovative technologies from Speedir - specifically a combination of advanced infrared sensors and state-of-the-art AI facial recognition algorithms - this DMS can quickly and accurately measure indicators of drowsiness or distraction and alert the driver audibly to a potentially dangerous situation. Such indicators include eye positioning (blinking speed, closed eyes, and eye direction to determine if the driver is looking away from the road), head positioning (nodding off), and yawning.

speedir driver fatigue monitoring system

Inside is a self-contained night vision camera that uses highly accurate infrared sensors to track facial movements. Because Speedir’s DMS uses this infrared technology, the system’s accuracy and efficiency is not affected by the time of day, a driver wearing glasses, or any reflective light. This type of technology offers a uniquely precise and effective way to monitor driver fatigue and dramatically increases driver safety by providing notice when drowsy or distracted behaviors are detected, allowing for the teen driver to recognize the danger and make a safe decision.

Also inside is pre-trained AI software with advanced facial recognition capabilities. The AI is what actually recognizes and audibly alerts the driver to drowsiness and distraction indicators. This thoroughly vetted AI process is as accurate as possible in monitoring a driver’s status and attention. Because the system is pre-trained and pre-loaded with all of its algorithms, you don’t need wifi connection to use it and go through wireless updates that take time away from being able to use the device.

One of the best features of the device itself is that it is easy to install and easy to use. All mounting equipment comes with the device, and it is minimal effort to set it up. The device is powered by a simple USB that you can plug into any vehicle. The device is also compact, so it will easily fit on your dashboard without obstructing your view or being obnoxious. All of these features serve to make this DMS convenient, universal, and affordable.

The combination of high-tech AI systems and infallible infrared sensors makes Speedir’s Driver Fatigue Monitoring System a safety must-have, and will bring your vehicle into the modern age of driving. Order yours today and receive a 1-year limited warranty from your date of purchase, so you can feel confident that you will always be driving with the best in road safety technology.

Data Security: Your privacy is protected. DMS does not need any internet or cloud connection. It will not record, transmit or share any personal data. All deep learning data is pre-trained to the device, and everything is built-in.


  • An estimated 21% of fatal crashes involve drowsy drivers (source).
  • The National Healthy Sleep Awareness project estimates that tired driving is responsible for 109,000 crashes with injuries, and more than 6,400 deaths annually in the US (source).
  • 45% of adults report having struggled to stay awake while driving (source).
  • According to the CDC, 1 in every 3 adults do not get enough sleep (source).
  • Driver fatigue contributes to 40% of all heavy truck crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (source).
  • In a survey of 107 heavy truck accidents, the NHTSA found drowsiness was a prominent factor in over half of the surveyed accidents (52%), and the driver admitted to actually falling asleep while driving in 18% of the surveyed accidents (source).
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that, on an annual basis, drowsy truck drivers are responsible for over 750 deaths and over 20,000 injuries (source).
  • Studies have shown that someone who has not slept in 18 consecutive hours shows cognitive deficiency that is on-par with someone whose blood alcohol levels are 0.08%, which is over the legal driving limit for the US (source).

Suggestions for Use:

Are you a fleet manager who is looking for ways to prioritize fleet safety and minimize potential accidents and losses? Speedir’s Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is a must-have for every truck in your fleet. The drivers under your company are working long hours to get their deliveries where they need to go on time, and because of how long they spend in the driver’s seat, semi drivers are some of the most susceptible people to becoming sleepy while driving. Because the vehicle involved is so large and is carrying lots of precious cargo, it is crucial to both your company as a whole and your drivers as individuals for safety measures to be put in place to prevent accidents caused by tired driving. The same is true for other types of fleets such as buses, coaches, and trains, which also fall into the “fleet vehicle” category.

For similar reasons above, it is also very important for independent contractor drivers and owner-operators to utilize this essential safety tool to protect themselves and ensure safe driving practices. As the owners of their own semi trucks, these drivers are completely responsible for their own accountability when it comes to road safety, so the DMS by Speedir for detecting distracted or drowsy driving would be a perfect way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you’re protecting yourself, your rig, and the other drivers on the road.

This DMS for drowsy driving prevention is also very useful for owners and drivers of RVs, campers, motorhomes, or vehicles with travel trailers or toy haulers. Typically automobiles that fall into these categories are driven for long distances over long periods of time, making their drivers more likely to begin falling asleep while driving. These kinds of vehicles also tend to be heavy and carry lots of cargo or large loads, making wrecks more dangerous for anyone involved. Those who invest in these larger, more expensive vehicles typically also care about protecting their investment with safety equipment, and Speedir’s Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is perfect for that purpose.

One might think that the only people who could benefit from this state-of-the-art monitoring technology are semi fleets and other oversized-vehicle drivers. However, that is not the case. Speedir’s DMS is the future of advanced road safety and can help prevent the many deadly drowsy driving accidents that occur yearly, which involve vehicles of all shapes and sizes and drivers of all walks of life. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project have reported that nearly half of adult drivers say they have experienced struggling to stay awake while driving (source), which means there are a wide variety of people who are sleepy while driving, potentially creating dangerous situations. In fact, anyone is liable to experience tired driving at some point, simply due to life being exhausting sometimes - although some occupations and conditions can make one even more susceptible than others (graveyard shifters, long-distance commuters, overtime workers, those with sleep disorders or who take sedating medications for other conditions, parents with a newborn, etc.).

Bottom line: these fatigued driving accidents are definitely not exclusive to those driving oversized vehicles - everyone, no matter what vehicle they drive, will be safer on the road using this driver fatigue monitoring system.

To learn more about drowsy driving, the dangers, and the impact that being sleepy while driving can have on your road safety, take a look at The Dangers of Drowsy Driving and How to Avoid Fatigued Driving Accidents. There you can also find tips on how to avoid driving while drowsy and increase your driver safety.


Speedir driver fatigue monitor with thermal vision

Technical Specifications

Driver Fatigue Monitoring system

Input Voltage



Maximum 0.5A @ 5V

Built-in Camera

HD 720P

Detection Distance

20cm~150cm  / 7.8” ~59”

Detection Angle

60°Horizontal & Vertical

Operating Temp

-30℃ ~ 70℃ / -22°F ~ 158°F

Storage Temp

-30℃ ~ 85℃ / -22°F ~ 185°F


LxWxH(mm/inch):  70x40x50 / 2.7”x1.5”x1.9”

Dust & Waterproof




The Driver Fatigue Monitor System comes with a limited warranty for (1) one year from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship in this product.

About Speedir:

Speedir is a San Diego-based high tech vehicle safety accessory company whose goal is to improve driver safety for every type of automobile on the road. From semis to sedans, from RVs to ATVs, from trucks to hatchbacks, Speedir creates high-quality vehicle safety products for all. Specializing in cutting-edge technologies like AI-based algorithms, AI learning, thermal and infrared tech, and even customizable AI software programs and thermal imaging processes - Speedir is always at the forefront of automotive innovation, with the goal of providing high-quality, easy-to-use safety accessories at affordable prices.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    driver fatigue monitor

    Posted by John Bell on 22nd Feb 2023

    easy to set up; works well with my Ford super duty's fatigue monitor. truck monitor more sensitive though

  • 5
    Stay focused

    Posted by Derek R on 2nd May 2022

    The Driver Fatigue Monitor System is a great little gadget to remind you to stay focused on driving. The system will beep if your drowsy or tired but will also work if your destracted by something. Because I do alot of driving I feel the fatigue driver monitor is worth every penny when it comes to my level of safety.